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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 3, 2009 7:00pm-7:16pm EDT

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we will see you right back here tomorrow. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> some americans taken captain abroad. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now? >> nervous and worried and just hoping for the best. shepard: tonight, the push to get information on the three americans now held captive. >> obviously we are concerned and we call on the iranian government to help us. shepard: plus, what were they doing there in the first place? captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: they are students and riders described as seasoned travelers there is a broad
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diplomatic push to bring them back home, we have learned their names now. sharon shroud student and journalist. joshua fatal another student all three said to be in their 20's. officials i said they entered iraq in turkey stayed in northern iraq for a couple of days and headed toward a resort area. that's where officials say the three americans went on a hike, got lost and wandered into american territory a fourth friend was supposed to be with them on that hike but stayed behind because he said he was sick. he says he got a call from the group just last week. they said they were in iran and surrounded by iranian troops. since then, only a few bits of information about what happened to the hikers. today, the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said the state department is going through diplomatic back channels but stopped short of accusing the iranians of any wrongdoing. >> obviously we are concerned.
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we want this matter brought to a resolution as soon as possible. help us determine the whereabouts of the whereabouts of the three missing missing americans and returned them as quickly as possible. >> secretary clinton not surprising over the relationship iran over the last 30 years. "the fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt in new york. we are hearing a bit from the families. what are they saying. >> very little, shep. they have all refused interview requests. the few words they have said seemed to have been weighed very carefully indeed. we heard a few hours ago from the mother of shane bower. she said she was concerned about the safety and welfare of her son and the others that echoes almost word for word what we heard yesterday from joshua
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fatal. she too said she was concerned about him and the other americans. not a word yet from the family of sharon. we are waiting to see if they speak more. they have either made the decision themselves to say nothing or they are being advised to do so, shep. shepard: might seem like an odd place to go hiking to some americans. >> certainly not any americans would choose to go near iraq on vacation now. never mind the border between iraq and iran. the area they were in, known as kurdistan is an area which is known for being slightly more peaceful than the rest of iraq. it is promoting its tourism industry on its own web site right now a couple of the travelers in particular shane bauer have their observe web site promote adventurist travel. could be an innocent they wanted to go on adventurist vacation. they certainly got an adventure now. shepard: there are echoes of a
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situation in north korea where two americans are also being held. >> yes. those are the two american journalist laura ling and union that lee. you see them both there. they were arrested by the north koreans on march 17th having allegedly crossed the border into north korea from china. of course north korea and iran are nations with nuclear ambitions. nations with which the united states is now trying to negotiate and both nations now have very powerful bargaining chips. shep? shepard: jonathan hunt live in our newsroom in new york. those three americans are held captive in a country that already has the technology to build a nuclear bomb. that's according to a brand new report in the times of london newspaper which is owned by the parent company of this nation. the london times cites intelligent sources who say iran finished a research program to make weapon niced uranium way back in 2003. the sources report iran's supreme leader khomeini has the final decision whether to detonate a bomb it reports if he
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says yes, the "times" says iran could have a functional nuclear war head in about a year. there are conflicting messages now coming from obama administration about the possibility of raising taxes on middle class americans. it all started really with the president's top money men, the treasury secretary tim geithner and the chief economic advisor larry summers were asked over the weekend about tax increases for the middle class. summers replied that it's never a good idea to take anything off the table and similar words from secretary geithner. >> i think that what the country needs to do is understand we are going to have to do what it takes. we're going to do what's necessary. shepard: that is a bit ambiguous do. what's necessary. some experts interpreted comments like that as opening the door to the possibility of middle class tax hikes. just hours ago, the white house press secretary tried to slam that door shut. listen. >> let me be precise, the president's clear commitment is not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000 a year. shepard: of course the president was very clear about that when
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he was campaigning. remember how he put it? >> i want to give 95% of working families the tax relief that they deserve. >> if you make less than a quarter million dollars a year, then you will not see your income tax go up, your call at that point gains tax go -- capital gains tax not go up not a divment we don't need to raise taxes on the middle class. it's time to give the middle class a break. shepard: hard to be much clearer than that when it comes to how we are going to pay for everything this administration is promising to do. first, consider the projected price tags for current and future programs. more than $77 billion for the auto industry. more than 365 billion to bail out the financial industry. 787 billion for that big stimulus package. and then there is health care reform. with the projected price somewhere north of a trillion dollars. and, of course, every single dollar comes from our taxes. major garrett is at the white house tonight. how does the white house
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reconcile spending like that with the promise of no middle class tax hikes? >> well, shepard, the reconciles it by repeating the president's campaign pledge which you took our audience through just a minute ago. it also says. this look, if the economy picks up, and economic growth and the tax revenue that comes with it also pick up and there is some arrangement to reduce the future costs of health care and their burden on the federal government, all these things can be reconciled. but, shepard, i don't need to tell your audience there are a lot of ifs there. and a lot of doubters, many of them democrats who used to work in the treasury department says you can't get everything the president's without bricking that tax bite down closer to the middle class. shepard: is in a trial gliewn see how people would react to the idea of class hikes and then later when middle class hears it's just about the rich, they are not so upset? >> no, shepard. every conversation i have had with senior administration officials today has been on this basis. the white house was not happy about this. robert gibbs said at the briefing that mr. summers and
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mr. geithner got into hypothetical back and forth. i have had deeper discussion with senior administration officials. they said look they got too hypothetical, too theoretical. the white house did not want any speculation about middle class tax increases. especially not now. why? because democrats whose votes they are going to need on health care for the fall are going back home for summer break. they don't want five weeks of conversation about health care cost implications and possibly middle class tax increases. that's why the white house did everything it could today to knock it down. shepard: major garrett live at the white house. major, thanks. speak of the financial situation, the united states postal service may be considering shutting down your town's post office. there is a very good chance it could be on the list of almost 1,000 sites which the feds are now considering closing. it's an effort, of course, to save money. the agency responsible for snail mail facing a potential multi billion-dollar loss as more americans communicate and pay their bills online. you can check out that list of at risk post offices on our web site. that'
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slash fox report. it was a normal flight on a booing 767 when something went wrong and the jet started falling and fast. passengers started flying all over the cabin. tonight, new information about what happened in the skies, new photos from inside the plane, and new stories from those who were on board. >> and all of a sudden, the plane just kind of takes a dip and rises up and you see people going off their seats, people screaming little kids crying. i'm robert shapiro. over a million people
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shepard: fox urgent now. just getting word into fox news that police in australia have launched major raids plotting a group planning to carry out terror attacks. authorities say four people have been arrested so far in melbourne after hundreds of police officers executed 19 search warrants. investigators say the suspects have ties to al qaeda linked terrorist group in somalia. keep in mind the u.s. has been investigating a group of somali americans who are believed to have trained with this same group. been described as the most significant domestic terror investigation since the attacks of 9/11. updates on these targts on australia is coming up. a terrifying moment on a passenger plane this morning. a jumbo jet suddenly dropping in mid-air, whipping around passengers and flight attendants inside the cabin it was severe turbulence. it hit the continental airlines flight 12. the plane on its way to rio de
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janeiro to texas when the pilots ended up making emergency landing in miami. listen to the passengers describe the chaos here. >> it was so sudden you didn't really have time to react. like i just remember like screaming while we were dropping. >> i hit my head on the light above and it broke the light out and was showered in glass. and i was lucky though there were people on there whose faces were cut up. it was terrible. >> one lady she just came out of her seat and flew over the middle row. hit her head on the wall and landed on her back like this. >> it's so bad. >> so scary? >> so scared. all the people so scared. all the people. shepard: all of them clearly shaken up. emergency crews taking more than a dozen passengers to hospitals. including four reportedly seriously injured. catherine herrige following this one. i understand the national transportation safety board is now looking into this thing, huh? >> it's entirely possible the ntsb will investigate this accident in order to open a formal investigation there must be substantial damage to the aircraft, severe injuries to the passengers or both.
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and these pictures from inside the cabin suggest that theres with substantial damage to flight 128. tiles from the ceiling are missing or cracked by the sudden and severe impact that passengers heads as they were thrown from their seats. one theory is that the plane hit what's called clear air tour buoy lens. that happens at high altitudes with clear skies. shep, it's very difficult to detect. shepard: this flight took off from the same airport that the air france plane crashed into back in june. in the atlantic, i should say, killing all 228 on board. any connection beyond that. >> definitely worth noting rio was the departure city for both departures. too early to draw any conclusions. temperature belens is being considered. both flights over large bodies of water when they ran into trouble. aviation official tells me today it is more difficult to detect turbulence over water because the pilots and crew does not have the benefit of land based radar systems, shep. shepard: this kind of thing is
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rare but definitely not unheard of. >> that's correct. according to new data from the faye today. the number of turbulence related accidents in the u.s. stood at 3 a over the last five years with nearly 60 injuries. that is a significant drop over the previous five years which saw 6 accidents and 260 injuries. no date a that is available for 2009. this year includes continental and air france flights. the drop in turbulence related incidence and injuries according to the f.a.a. can be linked to an advisory they sent about three years ago that urged the airlines to tell all passengers to leave their belts on during the entire flight, shep. shepard: catherine herridge live tonight in d.c. this comes a day after a northwest airlines jet blew five tires as it landed at its hub in minneapolis. the pilots manned to bring that jet to a halt without crashing or veering off the runway at all. it's not clear how this happened. the report says no passengers were on board the flight. just 15 northwest employees and none of them were hurt. to massachusetts now where a
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chemical leak sent dozens of people to the hospital. you are looking at just some the ambulances at the scene in new bedford this morning. fire officials say the leak left 10 people unconscious. two said to be critical right now. the leak happened at a trash disposal company. investigators tell us the leak came from somewhere inside the business. but they can't tell us exactly what the chemical is. major decisions today involving michael jackson's children and his money. first, the kids. a judge in california today named jackson's mother, catherine, as the permanent guardian of the three children who range in age from 7 to 12. it was jackson's original wish for her -- his mother to be the guardian according to the will that was put together in 2002. the kids have been living with their grandmother since jackson's death in june. the judge also granted monthly allowances to michael jackson's kids as well as his mother. the amounts were not made public. there are reports that michael jackson's estate is worth me


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